Wild and wonderful, Washington DC

...follow your nose to the herb garden, we want you to discover this one!

With design inspired by the Smithsonian's gardens, this streetscape is located in the Golden Triangle BID and is the winner of the 2016 Best Sustainable Streetscape. In 2014 we planted it full of butterfly friendly native plants that are drought tolerant and that return every year. Be sure to walk by and check out the other two gardens in front of this building - one is a well loved herb garden and the other boasts perennial orchids, making this a one of a kind commercial landscape.

Of course, the building has a greenroof too!


Legg Mason Tower, Maryland

The project that started Pratum in 2012! It took two years to replant and regrow the roof.  The project's challenges included: no water access, harsh microclimates, tray installation, and heavy weed pressure. Today the roof is both beautiful and resilient in the growing months and we continue to add accent plants to add ecological diversity and visual interest.

Summer 2012 (Before)

Summer 2012 (Before)

Summer 2014 (After)

Summer 2014 (After)


Located in the Capital Riverfront neighborhood and winner of the 2017 TOBY Award for Best Managed Building, this privately owned and managed greenroof was installed nearly ten years ago. Pratum came to the project 2015-2017 to bring the greenroof back to optimum health and functionality without the use of toxic chemicals. 


American Society of Landscape Architects, Washington DC

Located in the heart of Chinatown, this is a roof with various conditions. It has sloped plantings, partial irrigation and plantings under a floor grate system. In 2013 we used our greenroof maintenance expertise to guide the evolving plantings in the right direction.

Spring 2014


Working under a roofing manufacturer in 2014 we brought horticultural expertise to the team to manage this irrigated greenroof. Designed with both extensive and semi-intensive sections and featuring medicinal plants, a gardener's touch and lots of TLC are what made this roof a success. 

Summer 2014